Oral hygiene is a critical part of your overall health, self-confidence, and wellness. In fact, maintaining this hygiene affects every aspect of your life, such as work, family relationships, socialization, and even your wallet. So who do you turn to for help, if you struggle with your home oral care? Is there a resource to help you or your family know how to achieve better oral health?

Your Link to Your Best Oral Hygiene

In your San Francisco dentist’s office of Zeal Dentistry, your dental hygienist provides a range of important services. These include helping you and your family achieve your best oral health. In turn, your visits to the dentist require less time and money. You enjoy many health benefits, including maintaining a more attractive smile throughout your lifetime with less restorative dental treatment.Dentist and oral hygienist who understand oral hygiene

The help your oral hygienist in San Francisco provides includes:

  • Assessing your oral health, reviewing your health history and dental charting of important details
  • Dental X-rays
  • Removing plaque and calculus from your teeth to prevent tooth decay and prevent or treat gum disease
  • Applying preventive sealants and fluoride to your teeth
  • Teaching you about oral health and hygiene
  • Making impressions of your teeth for custom crafting of appliances
  • Documenting your dental care and managing your appointments

Of course, an oral hygienist in San Francisco performs their work according to their level of experience and certifications. At Zeal Dentistry in San Francisco, you enjoy the benefits of having some of the most experienced dental hygienist care in the region. In essence, your dental hygienist is your link to your best oral hygiene and dental health.

Advantages of Being an Oral Hygiene Expert

Your Zeal Dentistry oral hygiene expert, your dental hygienist, enjoys many benefits of their work. This enjoyment makes them look forward to working with you. It also contributes to the relaxed, positive atmosphere of the Zeal Dentistry general dentistry practice in San Francisco.

The benefits of being a hygienist for Zeal Dentistry include job satisfaction with prestige, variety, creativity, flexibility and also security in their work. At the top of this list is the personal satisfaction they gain from working with their patients. People go into the career field of dentistry because they want to help patients, so you benefit from their drive and ambition each time you visit the dentist.

Because the field of hygiene in dental care requires a certain amount of education, training, certification, and experience, your hygienist feels the prestige of their role. They receive respect in their work and this makes them enjoy their daily efforts even more.

When it comes to variety on-the-job, dental hygiene staff never experience the same day twice. In essence, they get to use a wide variety of skills and enjoy the benefits of their patients’ satisfaction from a job well done.

With so much personal interaction as a big part of their jobs, dental hygienists enjoy getting to know a wide range of people from many different backgrounds and lifestyles. They use personal creativity to interact in positive ways, manage patient care and keep up to date with the latest dental education.

Working as a Dental Hygienist

Of course, hygienists enjoy benefits of many employment options with varying degrees of flexibility to suit their personal and professional lives. So when you see the same staff in one dental office for a lengthy period of time, you know they enjoy working with their particular dental professional.

Job security is important to everyone. One big reason why being a hygienist is so great is that people need dental care, no matter the economy or political environment. Through good times and bad, a job well done, and, keeping patients healthy and happy means enjoying the ability to maintain long-term employment.

A Great Hygienist and Your Best Dental Health at Zeal Dentistry

In San Francisco, you enjoy the benefits of visiting Dr. Raina and the caring staff at Zeal Dentistry. Among these benefits is your relationship with your hygienist. Important services you receive at Zeal Dentistry include:

Patients five and up enjoy seeing the familiar faces of Zeal Dentistry with each visit. This includes Dr. Raina and your oral hygiene expert, your San Francisco hygienist. Schedule your visit with Zeal Dentistry now to continue sharing in these positive relationships and your best oral health. Call 415.792.4771 for scheduling.