Deciding upon a dentist for your growing family is a difficult part of parenting. You want a skilled expert who provides excellent care for your needs, but also one able to meet the ever-changing needs of your child. Family dentistry solves your dilemma, making going to the dentist more comfortable and convenient for all members of your household.

Different Types of Dentists Meet Different Age Groups’ Needsafrican american family brushing their teeth practicing family dentistry

Before deciding on a family and pediatric dentist in San Francisco, CA, get to know the differences between general, pediatric and family dentistry. Many providers focus on only one of these types of care, while others receive specialized training and experience to meet the needs of multiple ages. Knowing about your options helps you find the right family dentist in San Francisco, CA for care throughout all stages of your loved ones’ lives.

Many people do not realize differences exist between a family dentist in San Francisco, CA, pediatric dentists, and general dentists. These types of dentistry do vary. They meet the specialized needs of different age groups, as each life stage presents its own unique dental needs.

What is a General Dentist?

A general dentist is one receiving three or more years of undergraduate education, in addition to four years of dental school. General dentists help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. But many of these practitioners focus on specific age groups as patients. Many do not see patients younger than 16 years old. If you have younger children and your dental care is through a provider like this, your children must be seen elsewhere until they become teenagers.

If you are an adult-only household, seeing a general dentist meets your needs. This type of practice provides a range of dental services, such as routine exams and cleanings, crowns, veneers, dentures, teeth whitening, dental X-rays and similar care.

Who do Pediatric Dentists Treat?

Pediatric dentists go through the same education and training as a general dentist. But they also receive additional training for the specialized needs of children. One focusing exclusively on pediatric dentistry does not provide treatment for adults. As with an adult-only dentist, taking your children to a pediatric dentist is less convenient, if they do not treat adults at all.

About Family Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

Family dentistry in San Francisco, CA meets the needs of adults and children. This type of care combines the skill and training of pediatric and general dentistry. They learn about the unique needs of multiple age groups, spanning from infants to aging adults.

At a family dentist, your whole family receives the same quality of treatment, but focused on the specific needs of their age group. You enjoy the benefits of having everyone visit the same dental office, with streamlined care, appointments, and billing.

Family dental care in San Francisco, CA also enables your dentist to learn about your family’s oral hygiene habits, diet, hereditary conditions, and other factors specific to your household. This enables him to provide better preventive care and diagnose problems early.

Finding the Best Family Dental Care in San Francisco, CA

Finding the best family dentistry in San Francisco is never easy. Many dentists advertise their services using the word “family” in their practice name or marketing materials. But this does not mean they received the specialized training a family dentist needs.

Referrals from your insurance company, families you know and the American Dental Association work well when trying to find family dentistry practices. But as you look, remember to consider your family’s needs first. Match these needs to the dentists you screen. Key family dental services to look for include:

Family Dentistry You Can Trust

Zeal Dentistry in San Francisco, CA provides the family dentistry services every member of your household needs. From preschool-age children through aging adults, everyone in your family enjoys healthier smiles throughout all of their life stages with Dr. Raina’s expert care. Call Zeal Dentistry today at 415.792.4771 to schedule your first visit.