Anytime you suffer trauma to your mouth causing cuts, broken teeth, missing teeth or bleeding, you need emergency dental services. Left without treatment, you face serious complications, such as infections and tooth loss. However, with proper care, you can get back to your regular routine in no time. Even if you break, knock out, or otherwise damage your teeth, you can still regain an attractive smile.

Why Do You Need Emergency Dental Services?

A dentist looks serious about offering emergency dental servicesSometimes you need emergency dental services after a normal day’s events. Even just biting down too hard while eating can lead to serious oral injury. The same is true for slip and fall accidents, sporting contact, or rough horseplay. Being in an accident causes many people to suffer dental damage, as do a range of incidents.

When you need emergency dental services, simply call the dentist’s office for guidance and support. You can talk to a caring professional at Zeal Dentistry in San Francisco who understands the pain and fears of such events. Through this call, you can find temporary help for your pain with expert guidance. You might also make an appointment to see the dentist for emergency dental services right away.

Your Zeal Dentistry emergency dental services include help for a range of problems, such as:

  • Toothache or sore gums
  • Swollen or dislocated jaw
  • Cracked, broken, chipped or missing teeth
  • Lost fillings
  • Cuts or bleeding
  • Broken dental appliances
  • Severe decay or abscess

Dental Emergency Tips

Few things scare people like medical or dental emergencies. Whether you suffer dental trauma or someone you love complains of dental pain, you need emergency help. When these emergencies occur after business hours, on weekends or during holidays, waiting until another day for dental attention may not work. In these circumstances, call your emergency dentist in San Francisco.

Whatever your dental trauma, take a brief inventory of the damage, so you know what to tell the dentist. Check for broken, missing, or cracked teeth. Check your braces, bridge, dental implants, or other dental devices for damage. If your gums are bleeding, make a mental note of that.

If you knocked a tooth out of your mouth, try to pick it up without touching the root. Handle the tooth as little as possible using a soft cloth. Either place the tooth back in the socket or put it in a cup with your saliva or milk. This protects the tooth until your dentist sees you and determines whether he can repair the tooth’s damage.

If you do put the tooth back in its socket, bite down on it using a moistened gauze, cloth, or wet tea bag. Ensure you do not swallow it. Make your way to the dentist for emergency help, after making that arrangement.

Regardless of when you suffer severe tooth pain, call your dentist for an appointment or emergency care.

Emergency Dental Services in San Francisco

Zeal Dentistry provides emergency dentistry in San Francisco, as members of this team have for this practice for as many as 30 years. Dr. Homam Sebti leads these familiar faces with his own experience of 15 years in dental practice. He graduated from the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry.

At Zeal Dentistry, your dental team provides a range of essential services, including:

Call Zeal Dentistry to learn more about available dental care, including emergency dental services. You can also confirm insurance acceptance and schedule an appointment for your first visit with Dr. Sebti. Call Zeal Dentistry now at 415-792-4771.