A woman with dental implants smiles while laying in a dental chairSevere cases of dental infections or other circumstances can create a need for the removal of a patient’s entire tooth, or even multiple teeth. While not uncommon, this is no small procedure. Of course, Zeal Dentistry is more than adept at the implant process. Simply removing the tooth is only step one. We then implant a false tooth to take the place of the removed one. Often, dentists will place a bridge to replace a tooth, but many forms of dental bridges require dental implants. Implants are one of the more intensive dental procedures but are necessary in many cases.

Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants are useful in cases where there is an infection of the entire tooth and its root. The gap that this loss creates means the remaining teeth will naturally gravitate towards this space causing further dental issues. For the rest of your teeth to stay in place, you will need dental implants. The process of getting dental implants is slightly more involved than some other procedures but it usually necessary. Without them, you can experience a series of severe dental problems.

A dental implant is a small, screw-like object. The implant attaches to the bone of the jaw itself in the place where the tooth was. This will anchor the implant to the jaw and prevent it from moving around or pushed by other teeth. Through a process known as “osseointegration,” many of the dental implants modern dentists use are actually able to bond with bone. New bone growth connects with the titanium or similar material in the implant and helps strengthen the implant’s hold. This process means implants can provide a rock-solid hold for decades without fail.

Your dentist then attaches an abutment to the top of the implant. This abutment is a small piece that exists to connect the implant to the crown or fake tooth. They can repeat this process for as many missing teeth as necessary. In cases of extreme teeth loss, you can attach an entire set of dentures to dental implants to provide a full, beautiful smile.

The Process of Getting Implants

Assuming they have healthy gums and no other conditions that would preclude them, most people can get implants. One of the biggest concerns with an implant is making sure the fit is ideal. Without sensory perception in the false tooth, it can be difficult to determine the amount of pressure you apply to the false tooth when biting or chewing. This means that the implant can experience more force than would typically be used. A properly measured fit and alignment ensure that this doesn’t happen.

The surgical process is relatively quick and straightforward. The dentist cuts into the gums and drills into the jaw bone to attach the implant. Depending on your specific situation, your dentist may decide to apply an abutment and crown at a later time. In other cases, they could attach the crown immediately. Despite the way the process sounds, dental implants are relatively standard and typically have few long-term side effects. Often, we place dental implants right after the extraction of a tooth to reduce healing times.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

If you are dealing with recurring dental issues or currently have gaps due to missing teeth, then talk to Dr. Raina about dental implants. Getting dental implants at Zeal Dentistry can completely fix problems like major infection, enamel degradation, and tooth decay or loss. This procedure provides you with a perfectly aligned, custom implant to restore your smile and dental function. Contact Zeal Dentistry today at 415-792-4771 to learn more about our dental services and how you could benefit from dental implants.