A dentist examines a womans dental bridgesA dental bridge is one of the more common forms of restorative dentistry. Dental bridges serve to replace damaged or broken teeth conveniently and aesthetically. One of the great things about modern dentistry is the capabilities we now have to improve the overall functionality and look of your teeth. For those with missing or severely damaged teeth, dental bridges offer a way to maintain the same functionality and look. A dental bridge from Zeal Dentistry can create a significant quality of life improvement for those who have such dental issues.

Types of Dental Bridges

The human mouth is highly unique and can be very different depending on the individual. This is true when it comes to form, function, and health. As a result, custom dental work is standard. Anything that is artificial and used in dental procedures must conform to the mouth it is going into. Your dentist takes molds of your mouth to ensure that the prosthetics perfectly fit the shape of your mouth. Depending on your exact needs, there are a few different types of dental bridges, including:

  • Standard or traditional dental bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Implant supported bridges
  • Adhesive or Maryland bridges

Your dentist will recommend the best type of bridge for you depending on your specific needs. Each of them has their advantages. Standard dental bridges consist of one or more fake teeth, or pontics, held on both sides by dental crowns or abutments on the adjacent healthy teeth. Cantilever bridges work very similarly but attach via an abutment on only one side. Dentists use these when the pontics do not have a healthy tooth on each side of the gap to connect to. Implant supported bridges are a slightly different option. This procedure is two-step and involves placing implants for each missing tooth. Then, the dentist attaches the fake teeth to each implant. Adhesive or Maryland bridges do not connect directly to adjacent teeth via a crown but instead use a framework attached with adhesive. These bridges aren’t as secure or permanent but require less dental work overall.

The Importance of a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are an essential procedure for many people. The permanent loss of a tooth or multiple teeth is a serious issue that can lead to problems with the rest of your mouth. A gap in your teeth will cause the others to shift in an attempt to fill in the space. This creates uncontrolled movement and possibly a severe misalignment of your teeth. Missing teeth can even affect the form and appearance of your cheeks and lips. The cosmetic and health benefits are both reasons to consider a dental bridge from Zeal Dentistry. Not only is it an overall improvement in the health of your mouth, but it can keep your face and smile looking their very best.

Despite the synthetic nature of the teeth used in bridges, they are not immune to poor oral hygiene. They can harbor bacteria and plaque just like regular teeth and still require the same level of care to keep infection away. While the artificial teeth themselves will not develop cavities, not caring for them can allow bacteria to build up that can infect your healthy teeth.

Zeal Dentistry’s variety of dental services can help ensure your mouth and teeth stay healthy and happy. Of course, if you are missing teeth, don’t delay in getting a proper dental bridge. A bridge can prevent further long-term issues from forming and keep your smile looking its best. Contact Zeal Dentistry today at 415.792.4771 to learn more about the variety of dental bridges our dental team offers.