A man smiles before his dental proceduresOne of the more common fears or anxieties among American adults is, believe it or not, the dentist. Unfortunately, many people have a negative perception of dental visits. Whether this stems from childhood fears of the dentist or just a general unpleasant association, the anxiety around the dentist is unfounded. Zeal Dentistry prides ourselves on making sure our patients are comfortable and have a good understanding of the dental procedures they will undergo. We work hard to provide our patients with an environment in which they can relax.

Zeal Dentistry Makes Things Easy

At Zeal Dentistry, we understand that many people may be uncomfortable with going to the dentist. We want to make the experience and process as pleasant as possible for you. Our staff strives to be personable and understanding, so making sure you understand and are comfortable with each dental procedure is important to us. For those whose anxiety during dental visits is high, we can even provide treatment using sedation or anti-anxiety medicines. This helps to make the entire process as easy as possible for you.

The term “dental phobia” describes people whose issues with the dentist go past simple nervousness. These are all cases where sedation and anti-anxiety medications can make a world of difference in the dental health of those affected. Of course, there are many causes of the fear associated with the dentist. These include fear of pain, injections, lack of control, or even embarrassment. Regardless, no matter what your concerns may be, Zeal Dentistry works to alleviate such fears to make your visits comfortable and productive.

A Full Suite of Dental Procedures

Zeal Dentistry provides a full suite of dental procedures and services designed to encompass every possible dental need. Each one of these procedures is also adaptable for those who struggle with dental phobia and anxiety. The dental procedures we offer can range from simple in and out visits to prolonged, involved processes. At Zeal Dentistry you can find several services including:

These are just a few of the dental procedures we offer that people commonly have anxiety around. All can be fairly intensive, and some involve a prolonged visit or multiple visits. In cases like these, we often suggest relaxation options for those who have dental phobia. Because of the nature of many of these procedures, we understand the fear associated with them. That is why we take the time to listen to your concerns. Once we understand your anxieties, we can adjust our methods to make you more comfortable.

Love Your Teeth

Don’t ignore the importance of your teeth. This cannot be understated. The health of your mouth can set the tone for the health of the rest of your body. As a result, ignoring proper dental care for fear of dental procedures and what they involve can be harmful. Prioritize your oral health. Talk to Zeal Dentistry about simple, comfortable dental work. Give us a call today at 415.792.4771 to make an appointment.