A woman smiles during her teeth whitening servicesWith the rise of the cosmetic dentistry industry and the importance we place on dental health, we see an increased focus on healthy teeth. Or at the very least, healthy-looking teeth. Influences like television and perfectly-groomed Hollywood actors and actresses encourage a societal belief that immaculate teeth are essential. While having imperfect teeth does not mean you are unhealthy, much of American culture values vibrant, white teeth. This resulted in a variety of teeth whitening services and products.

The sheer number of these whitening products or services can lead to some consumer confusion. What works and what doesn’t can be hard to figure out. Thankfully, the team at Zeal Dentistry are experts in general and cosmetic dental services. We can provide answers and information when it comes to effectively whitening your teeth.

Teeth Whitening from Zeal Dentistry

Confidence in your smile is important. If you are one of the many people who have discolorations in your teeth, then a teeth whitening service might be right for you. For those with yellowing of the teeth enamel, from coffee, smoking, or any other reason, a whitening service can offer a quick and convenient solution that brushing alone may not be able to achieve. For those who have tried and failed to get their teeth to the shade they want successfully, a whitening service could provide that desired shade. Many times, stains on teeth are difficult to remove or reduce through standard dental care methods. Thankfully, a variety of professional whitening methods exist that can help.

Most whitening techniques consist of a surprisingly quick, safe, and painless procedure. As the appeal of teeth whitening increases, so do the number of different services and methods available. Some whitening products are available for purchase at a local store for use at home. Of course, dentists can perform the more intensive whitening services in the office. Both options can be useful depending on the amount of whitening needed. Some of the most common teeth whitening products and services include:

  • Toothpaste
  • Gels
  • Rinses
  • Whitening strips and trays
  • In-office bleaching
  • Laser whitening

You can purchase some of these services over the counter, while others are only available in a dentist’s office. Whitening your smile is possible, either at home or in our office, quickly and free of discomfort. Zeal Dentistry can supply or recommend options for all of these products and services to keep your smile looking fantastic!

Does Teeth Whitening Really Work?

There is much skepticism about teeth whitening services and products. Especially when it comes to cosmetic issues, people often worry about “snake oils” and false quick fixes. However, teeth whitening is real and can be easier than you thought. Most at-home products can whiten your teeth a shade or two in a few months of use, depending on the product. So while teeth whitening does actually work, it’s not an instant fix. Even the services offered in dental offices such as bleaching and laser whitening typically occur over multiple appointments. Of course, in-office procedures generally are more effective, with the ability to whiten teeth at least three shades or more.

If you have otherwise healthy teeth but can’t seem to get rid of pesky stains, then talk to your dentist about teeth whitening products and services. Dr. Raina can recommend a teeth whitening regimen that will have maximum effectiveness for you. Zeal Dentistry has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and whitening services. Contact us today at 415.792.4771 for questions or to schedule a teeth whitening appointment.