man learning about the best way to treat gingivitis

5 Effective Ways to Treat Gingivitis

Gingivitis occurs when plaque accumulates around the teeth. This plaque has bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums. It is a less destructive type of gum disease. At times the disease may develop into periodontitis. This is a severe condition and requires periodontal treatment. The most prevalent cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene. This encourages plaque…

man receiving professional teeth whitening at the dentist

At-Home vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Which Teeth Whitening Options Are Safe? In general, you don’t need to be overly concerned about the safety of teeth whitening dental procedures. If you follow the instructions, your biggest concern will be minor soreness. As long as you follow your San Francisco dentist’s instructions, teeth whitening in a dental office is safe. Some over-the-counter…

young child getting Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric Dental Care and Foods for Healthy Teeth

Foods That Improve Pediatric Dental Care Everyone knows how important daily brushing and flossing are to a child’s healthy smile. We know about scheduling six-month pediatric dental care appointments, limiting sugary foods, and brushing after meals can help keep your child’s mouth healthy. What vitamins and minerals will encourage strong, healthy teeth? Vitamins A Vitamin…

woman has a dental emergency

I Have a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency involves a serious injury, infection, or any serious ailment that requires immediate dental care. Dental emergencies can be caused by illnesses, accidents, injuries, biting into hard foods, and not filling cavities right away. If you are experiencing a dental emergency in the San Francisco area, contact Zeal Dentistry by calling 415.792.4771. Find…